What is BuildX?

BuildX is a Cloud-based ERP Solutions for construction companies. Your business at your fingertips.
  • Project Management
  • HRIS and Payroll System
  • Accounting and Purchasing
  • Warehouse & Inventory
  • Procurement
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Benefits of Early Adopters

Gain Competitive Advantage

Early adopters are the first ones over the learning curve, allowing them to enjoy the benefits of the technology and address other aspects of their organization while the mainstream market is left scrambling to surmount the curve.

Become A Thought Leader In The Industry

Early adopters of technology becoming thought leaders in their industry. They’re seen by competitors as pioneers, trendsetters, and visionaries for the advancement of your sector.

Early Bird Gets The Worm

The good news is that adopting new technology is not a split second decision. You can gather data and make your own conclusions about if the new tech is a good investment.

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